Jade Park Herd Sires

Our focus is to breed quiet, thick deep bodied animals with great structure and feet.

Early bull genetics were Papa Equator sons from Ardrossan and Stockman 365 from Comfort Hill

Jade Park E14

Sire: Jade Park Y6
Dam: Jade Park ‘Direction’ C1

  • A low birth weight, compact bull 
  • Reliable sire line with TC Stockman 365 in the pedigree 
  • Plenty of capacity with meat in all the right places 
  • Super sound bull with his progeny consistently inheriting his great foot structure 
  • Two of his daughters have turned into quality donor cows: H96 and L55
    *Photo taken at 5 years of age

Jade Park ‘Kenny’ K6

Sire: Hingaia 469
Dam: Millah Murrah ‘Rado’ G101

  • Purchased as an embryo from Millah Murrah Angus 
  • One of the last direct descendants of New Zealand’s famous bull, Hingaia 469 
  • The most docile bull which makes handling easy rather than dangerous 
  • Produces great females who are sound, deep and exceptional mothers 
  • We struggle to remember the last time Kenny failed to get a cow in calf! Scrotal size is definitely not lacking here!
    *Photo taken at 4 years of age 

Jade Park ‘Freedom’ L12

Sire: Atahua ‘Freedom’ 609-10
Dam: Jade Park ‘Desire’ D3

  • Prominent son out of one of our foundation donors, D3 
  • Strong New Zealand influence leading back to Braveheart of Stern 
  • Exhibited great feet and legs which is a critical part of every sire
  • His offspring display a balanced body type with slick black shiny coats
    *Photo taken at 12 months of age

Millah Murrah ‘Generation’ M257

Sire: VAR ‘Generation’ 2100
Dam: Millah Murrah ‘Abigail’ F189

  • Purchased from the Millah Murrah bull sale in 2017 as a yearling
  • We picked him at the time due to his depth of body and soundness
  • M257 matured into a bull with huge capacity and perfect temperament 
  • Maintained his condition so well he often found himself in the dry cow paddock to stop him getting too fat! 
  • His daughter’s are well balanced, easy calving and exceptionally quiet
    *Photo taken at 14 months of age 

Jade Park ‘Hallmark’ N49

Sire: Ascot ‘Hallmark’ H147
Dam: Coolana C441

  • A bull with a real sires presence! He stands well, walks fluidly and is full of muscle 
  • He is a larger framed bull who has been used heavily over New Zealand style stud cows with great results 
  • All of his calves were born easily and unassisted but then have tremendous growth out to 600 days 
  • Exceptionally sound bull being in the top 1% for claw and angle foot score EBVs
    *Photo taken at 3 years of age 

Peakes-Bowen ‘Bruce’ Q779

Sire: Braveheart of Stern
Dam: Peakes-Bowen ‘Lulu’ M670

  • Purchased from the Peakes-Bowen Stud Bull Sale in 2021
  • Braveheart of Stern is one of New Zealand’s most widely used bulls for his exceptional structure and great body depth right through to his hindquarters 
  • His dam hails from the strong Lulu line of donors at Peakes-Bowen Angus
  • Q779 brings functionality, thickness and an easy-doing style
    *Photo taken at 3 years of age

Premier ‘Ralph’ R72

Sire: Milwillah ‘Napa’ N498
Dam: Premier ‘Dream’ K42 

  • Purchased as an ET bull calf from the Premier Angus Dispersal
  • Sired by the $50,000 Matauri Reality son, Milwillah ‘Napa’ N498
  • His dam was a prolific donor at Premier Angus out of the Vermont Dream Y301 cow
  • Hard to find a bull with the same combination of length and capacity as R72
  • Used extensively over heifers due to his calving ease and increased fat cover
  • Impeccable structure ranking number 1 in the Angus breed for Foot Angle and Claw Set
    *Photo taken at 24 months of age

Jade Park ‘Richard’ R95

Sire: Rennylea L519
Dam: Jade Park ‘Hanna’ H96

  • R95 has been an absolute standout from birth, always the first bull to catch your eye when you enter the paddock!
  • 12 different traits ranking in the top 35% of the breed!
  • Sired by the docility and structural specialist, Rennylea L519
  • His donor dam, H96, consistently produces standout calves each year 
  • He easily topped the Average Daily Weight Gain for his contemporary group in both the 200-day and 400-day weights
  • Important traits we’re keen to pass on are his very short gestation length and added fat cover (Top 5%)
    *Photo taken at 24 months of age

Homebred Sires 

Bulls who we have used as yearlings and selectively for AI over our stud females