Jade Park Angus Cows

Early purchases have come from Blackmore Angus, Ardrossan Angus, Comfort Hill, and Welcome Swallow

Later purchases include  Millah Murrah , Banquet, Circle 8, Ascot and Wattletop Angus

We are mindful of EBV data, however we definitely select and breed for a type: quiet, deep, thick, structurally sound and fertile.

Being in the yards with them all the time we just know our cows, and work hard to try and match them up with the best genetics possible.


Some foundation cows

  • CML D3An embryo purchased from Ardrossan,  an  Initiative 4406 daughter out of a donor cow NAQ X133
    A big quiet sound cow with fat cover and matches up with any bull , many daughters have been kept

Jade Park ‘Kenny’ P35

Sire: Jade Park ‘Kenny’ K6
Dam: Wattletop ‘Usual’ F97

  • A lovely deep, square cow with superb temperament
  • Very classic style of daughter from our Hingaia 469 son 
  • Has flushed well to $104,000 NZ bull Turiroa ‘Ragnar’ P224 with the ET calves born easily and carrying plenty of muscle 
  • We are excited for next years calf drop with numerous Rennylea L519 embryos implanted
    *Photo taken at 4 years of age

Jade Park ‘Pauline’ P60

Sire: Coonamble ‘Hector’ H249
Dam: Jade Park ‘Anzac’ L60

  • Sired by the Agri-Gene semen sire, Coonamble Hector H249
  • P60 has inherited Hector’s docile nature, great udder, and perfect foot structure 
  • Added thickness and body depth come from her NZ Stern Anzac dam 
  • Impressive bull calf, Jade Park ‘Chisum’ S88, sired by S. Chisum 255
  • Spectacular ET calves by Millah Murrah ‘Paratrooper’ P15
    *Photo taken at 4 years of age

Jade Park ‘Equator’ M45

Sire: Ardrossan ‘Equator’ A241
Dam: Coolana ‘Kauri’ C052  

  • Great maternal strength from her donor dam purchased from the Coolana Angus dispersal 
  • The notable Equator A241 has left his mark with a slick coat and impressive udder quality 
  • Selected for her structural soundness and reliability 
  • Consistently produces calves with great early growth and a high Average Daily Weight Gain 
  • Flushed heavily to NZ Taimate ‘Lazarus’ L12
    *Photo taken at 5 years of age

Jade Park ‘Highlander’ M74

Sire: Highlander of Stern
Dam: Jade Park ‘Extra’ E13 

  • The type of cow we strive to breed! 
  • Moderately framed, maintains condition well and always weans a super heavy calf
  • Very keen to flush her to a range of bulls as we know how consistent she breeds
  • She has earned her spot in the donor team with her reliability, year in year out producing spectacular calves
    • Jade Park R35 → An Ascot ‘Hallmark’ H147 grandson who we’ve used over stud cows 
    • Jade Park ‘Lazarus’ S43 → A Taimate ‘Lazarus’ L12 son who is looking terrific as a weaner
      *Photo taken at 6 years of age

Premier ‘Abigale’ M152

Sire: Premier ‘Guardian’ J12
Dam: Premier ‘Abigale’ J29

  • Purchased from the Premier Angus Dispersal in 2020
  • Picked for her supreme docility, capacity and wide pin set
  • Her dam and heifer calf were also selected from the dispersal showing the faith we have in this genetic line
  • Flushed to Taimate ‘Lazarus’ L12, Braveheart of Stern and Karoo ‘Realist’ N278
    *Photo taken at 5 years of age

Jade Park ‘Leona’ L29

Sire: Booroomooka ‘Theo’ T030
Dam: Jade Park ‘Fran’ F1

  • L29 carries some very old genetics being a direct daughter of Theo
  • These older genetics have EBVs which never do the actual cow justice
  • She earned her stripes in the cow herd before her consistency prompted her promotion to the donor team
  • Great maternal characteristics with a nice udder and plenty of milk
    *Photo taken at 6 years of age

Jade Park ‘Chalk’ L31

Sire: Jade Park ‘Chalk’ C44
Dam: Coolana Z168

  • Square, deep and moderately framed 
  • She has proven herself through the consistency of her calves each year 
  • Stands out in the cow mob during winter as she always maintains great condition even throughout the toughest months
    *Photo taken at 7 years of age

Jade Park ‘Lucille’ L55

Sire: Jade Park E14
Dam: Jade Park ‘Heidi’ H34

  • A real standout here with thickness, capacity and the pin set of a true Angus cow
  • Comes from 3 generations of Jade Park donor cows
  • Has the same TC Stockman 365 sire lineage as fellow donor, H96, which is why their feet are nearly identically perfect
  • Cracking Millah Murrah ‘Paratrooper’ P15 bull calf with plenty of early muscle expression
    *Photo taken at 6 years of age

Circle 8 ‘Perfection’ K246

Sire: Dunoon ‘Evident’ E614
Dam: Circle 8 ‘Perfection’ G433 

  • Purchased from the Circle 8 Angus stud in 2016 as a rising 2 year old 
  • K246 is extremely docile and exhibits great body depth with a fantastic pin set
  • When she reared twin bull calves without losing any condition we knew we were on to a winner
  • Produces thick, early maturing progeny
  • Flushed well to Ascot ‘Hallmark’ H147
    *Photo taken at 8 years of age

Premier ‘Abigale’ J29

Sire:  SAV ‘Priority’ 7283
Dam:  SAV ‘Abigale’ 9317  

  • Purchased from the Premier Angus Dispersal in 2020
  • Outcross genetics being purely from the SAV Angus ranch in America 
  • Width is a real standout here, only medium framed but struggles to fit in the race all year round!
  • We’re very impressed with the whole line, as we purchased her daughter as well, and look to start building this new genetic direction
    *Photo taken at 8 years of age

Jade Park ‘Heidi’ H34

Sire: Jade Park ‘Chalk’ C44
Dam: Comfort Hill ‘Brolga’ U80

  • Huge capacity in this cow
  • C44 was an Ardrossan blood bull with a larger frame and super sound feet 
  • Reliably produces deep, square progeny with many sons selling well 
  • Perfect foot structure with her feet still immaculate as a 10 year old
    *Photo taken at 7 years of age

Jade Park ‘Hanna’ H96

Sire: Jade Park E14
Dam: Jade Park ‘Flan’ F11

  • Comes from the heart of Jade Park Angus via a line of donors and homebred sires 
  • Dam of the retained paddock bull, Jade Park ‘Richard’ R95
  • Moderately framed cow with great maternal characteristics and foot structure 
  • Always weans a heavy calf with plenty of capacity 
  • Flushed again to Rennylea L519 due to the success of the marriage!
    *Photo taken at 10 years of age

Millah Murrah ‘Flower’ H202

Sire: Te Mania ‘Emperor’ E343
Dam: Millah Murrah ‘Flower’ F199

  • Purchased from the 2017 Millah Murrah Female Sale 
  • Previous donor for Millah Murrah Angus producing a herd sire – NMM L327
  • We picked H202 for her excellent shape and udder quality 
  • She flushed well producing quality progeny; particularly from Coonamble Hector H249 and Baldridge Beast Mode
    *Photo taken at 4 years of age

Jade Park ‘Flan’ F11

Sire: Connealy Thunder
Dam: Jade Park ‘Desire’ D3

  • The standout daughter from Jade Park ‘Desire’ D3 
  • Very feminine, always keeps herself in good condition and has a great udder structure 
  • Her progeny are early maturing and super sound with longevity a feature of this line 
  • She has been a cornerstone donor for a number of years leaving many herd sires and donor daughters
    *Photo taken at 6 years of age 

Coolana C441

Sire: Ardrossan ‘Connection’ X15
Dam: Coolana X159

Welcome Swallow ‘Lowan Direction’ B6

Sire: CA ‘Future Direction’ 5321
Dam: Te Mania ‘Lowan’ X53

  • Purchased from the Welcome Swallow Dispersal in 2015
  • A larger framed cow with great depth of body 
  • Flushed well to produce numerous daughters who have become important cows in the herd
    *Photo taken at 8 years of age

Examples of our Cows