Jade Park Angus Cows

Early purchases have come from Blackmore Angus, Ardrossen Angus , including embryos, and Comfort Hill, and Welcome Swallow

Later purchases include  Millah Murrah , Banquet, Circle 8, Ascot and Wattletop Angus

We are mindful of EBV data, however we definitely select and breed for a type, quiet, deep , thick, structurally sound and fertile; and they just have to grow and do well.

Being in the yards with them all the time we just know our cows, and work hard to try and match them up with the best genetics possible.

Some foundation cows

  • CML D3An embryo purchased from Ardrossan,  an  Initiative 4406 daughter out of a donor cow NAQ X133
    A big quiet sound cow with fat cover and matches up with any bull , many daughters have been kept
  • CML F11A smaller deep bodied Connealy Thunder daughter, with low birth weight and fat cover, always does a great job of her calf
  • CMA B6A big quiet Future Direction daughter purchased from the Welcome Swallow;s dispersal, square with depth of body and good feet
  • BBB K246A super quiet cow, a Dunoon Evident Daughter who has matched up really well with QQF H147 Hallmark
  • VON C236A square deep bodied cow with great feet, a Banquet donor who has matched up well with NMM K35 – Kingdom
  • VCC C441A super quiet, and structurally perfect NAQ X15 daughter who just breeds well with everything,  great calves by Highlander of Stern, Hallmark, and future options with Connamble Hector
  • NWP K214A recent purchase from the Wattle top dispersal was a Edmund E11 daughter for planned matings with QQF H147 Hallmark. Neat quiet, square, with scores of 5 on all feet.
  • NMM H202An excellent Millah Murrah type from the wonderful background of NMM G20 Flower, NMM Y141 and the $17,000 NMM C69 . A beautiful square, excellent footed ( 5 ), deep bodied and quiet cow who will become a donor for us. Hopefully we run on with her success of producing a reference sire in the latest Millah Murrah  catalogue – NMM L237 Proceed

Planned matings for NMM H202 will be Coonamble Hector WDC H249

Examples of our Cows